‘I’ve never written anything at all in my life, but I was looking for something to do and I joined the project at Portslade, and I enjoyed it immensely. It’s given me a reason now to continue writing…I think that inside of most people there is a writer, waiting to get out… So the Group writing, I think is wonderful. The group that I was with, I saw people in the beginning who were very shy, were embarrassed, they froze up, they had no ideas, nothing to contribute but over time and by the end you couldn’t shut them up! They had brilliant ideas, they were really moving, I was moved to laughter and tears and for that group, right now I have to say thank you Lindsay.’


‘Thank you for this workshop. It was wonderful to meet Daniel and the previous participants. I’ve learnt such a lot, never having done any writing or photography before the Evolving in Conversation project. I really can’t thank you enough for your patience and kindness. If anyone had said, six months ago, that I’d have my voice and name and a piece of my work on display I would not have believed them. I’ve loved the sessions, the warm-up exercises and especially the welcoming atmosphere and gentle encouragement.’


‘I’m a great believer in community…through these exercises we’re bringing people together who would not know each other at all ordinarily. We’re coming together, a bit tentatively at first and then suddenly we’re meeting at a really deep level because we’re exposing parts of ourselves we wouldn’t normally do and that’s really meaningful. From a small project, it feels like we’re actually evolving in conversation. We’re meeting each other, really meeting. And that’s important.’


‘I think that the workshop went really well — the feedback that I got from everyone was that they had enjoyed the interaction of using both image and text simultaneously to inspire them. I was surprised at how confident the ladies were at going out on their own, with little camera experience, and really enjoying the photographing process. Lots of them commented that they noticed things they would never normally pay attention to or that they were surprised by their own confidence taking photographs in the street. Everyone participated very well and I was so impressed by the texts that the women produced given the short time frame.’


It was great to be involved with such a wide and broad project and my poets really love having their film on display as well as their work. It has given enormous value to their work and made them feel like proud and important members of the community. Thanks.