John Agard is a world renowned Afro-Guyanese playwright, poet and children’s writer, celebrated for his playful wit and inventive social observation. His work addresses subject matters such as race, mythology, ethnicity and morality and his poem ‘Half Caste’ has been studied in schools across the UK. In 2012 he was selected for the Queen’s Gold Medal for poetry. He has created a poem for this project on how the voice of a conscious human being can make a difference. 



Rosy Carrick has written a poem addressing the act of reading, and re-reading novels, in particular how social and personal change can alter our perception of the text.

Surreal, sensual and decidedly left-field, Rosy Carrick’s eccentric style, dense rhyme structures and forceful imagery have won her international acclaim, as well as firmly cementing her place as one of the UK’s most unusual and exciting contemporary performance poets. She hosts Brighton’s spoken word and slam event Hammer and Tongue.



David Sheppeard’s work is informed by conducting interviews and working with archive materials.

He is fascinated by the different ways that we form and store memory, both in our minds, and in objects, places, songs and images – the details we choose to emphasise and others we choose discard.

For this project he has explored the notion of inherited change – such as a family recipe – and how the myriad of small changes enacted in peoples’ lives can be a gateway to enacting bolder transformations.



In response to the theme, Ali McAllister has collected stories and conversations from real people in the community. She has woven them into a narrative where a fictional city comes alive and thrives through its tales and shared pasts.

Ali has written extensively about her journeys through Mexico and Georgia, exploring the familiar and unfamiliar in their communities and landscapes. She has led creative learning programmes abroad, and finds that no day is complete without a good story heard or told. /



Steven Lancefield turned parts of Jubilee Library, Brighton into small areas of immersive theatre. Steven created monologues for historical figures, which will be delivered in different locations. The theatrical set up aimed to be educational, entertaining and surprising, and bring to life heroes that changed society. Steven has written and produced an array of short films screened at festivals and events across the UK.