Have you ever wondered if you could change the world? Could your body and your movements be part of the answer? We experience life most immediately through our body. It constantly reminds us that we are alive, and observes and responds to all other life.

What if we spent more time considering how movement, in all its forms, and our bodies play an essential part in creating change?

Evolving in Conversation started with a big question and a book list. Through workshops, conversation and plenty of tea, it has led to a collection of photographs and pieces of writing, as well as new friendships and ideas. In the coming creative workshops we’ll add choreography and movement into the mix, and see where we end up (along with plenty more tea and chatting!). Not sure what choreography is? That’s fine – no dance experience necessary, just an open mind and a good dose of curiosity. 

We’ll respond to the theme How can the individual change society, the photos, the books, the writing and the library space through moving, walking, listening, touching, imagining, wondering and sharing.

On 11th and 18th of April part of our explorations will include Charlotte Spencer’s critically acclaimed audio walk, Walking Stories. A sell out at Brighton Festival last year, here’s your chance to catch the walk again for free!

Walking Stories is a group audio-walk for parks. You don’t come to Walking Stories: you live it, breathe it, build and dismantle it. Supplied with mp3 players and headphones, a walk in the park becomes an interactive and completely immersive audio experience. Moving between watching, listening and following instructions, Walking Stories takes you on a journey with yourself and your companions. Without you there isn’t a show – join us!.